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She was lost, intoxicated by her self-induced reverie, bathed in the consummating
glow of the full moon and enwreathed in the sonorous aura of a host of timeless
goddesses. Such reverential visitants were at last invoked with the precious
intervention of Grimalkin, feline shadow of Macbeth’s fateful oracle.
Her unfading search for love and spiritual fulfilment is on the verge of attainment on
this, the night of her Lunacalia, through her deep knowledge and devotion to the diva
triformis and the goddess Luna herself. One last phase of her Selenian ritual must
be performed to be finally inducted into the magic of amour. The guttering candles
expire, and only she knows what must now be done…
Product Key
We are, now, firmly established in our very own 200-plus year-old
Items with this symbol are new products.
The colour of the crystals and gemstones featured within this brochure
may vary at point of manufacture, according to availability.
Swarovski Elements
Items with this symbol are made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
Further Information

product descriptions and detail. And in News & Community there,
you can go to the dedicated website, click
! "
full backgrounds and stories behind Alchemy pieces; detailed articles
on the symbols, histories and characters of Alchemy Gothic’s subjects
#$ % ' !# (
Alchemist, and very much more.
Replacement Glassware
In the case of accidents, a product repair and glass replacement service
is available to our customers. For details contact our factory directly :
Hand Made In England
All of Alchemy England’s pewter products are individually designed, modelled
and developed in England by the Alchemy Studios creative art and design team.
Each individual product is then hand-made with pride from the finest English
Pewter by Alchemy’s own highly skilled craftsmen, all at our studios
and workshops in Leicester, England.
All of the items shown in this catalogue can be seen with many more image
views, information and in greater detail on our website, at:
Cover Illustrations
> "? ? ) !"?B ? J +Q20U2X
For the Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee, and Looking after your
Alchemy etc, please see page 83.
new home, the venerable Saint Mary’s Mill, a great 18th century
building that replaced numerous incarnations on this site going back
at least as far as the Norman King William’s Doomsday Book of 1086.
This site, just outside Leicester, England, sits overlooking the ancient,
meandering River Soar with its willow trees and wildlife, just as it ever
did upon its resourceful little island. Our small and diligent team of
artists, craftsmen and service crew are proud to be working creatively for
you - our unique and select group of customers who appreciate our opus,
and we would like to thank you, again, for your unswerving support
and patronage over Alchemy’s 40-plus year career. We hope to never
disappoint you and wish to continue satisfactorily serving you
for aeons to come.
Your humble servant,
Display boards are available for Alchemy’s retailers.
Dealers please contact the sales team for more details.
) **"+/ 012245 679 /12


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