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Alchemy LIFETIME GUARANTEE . . . Alchemy is the best!
And we guarantee our Alchemy England crafted pewter products* to be hand
made to the highest standards and of the finest materials, and will therefore
repair or replace any such purchased item suffering from defects or faulty
workmanship at any time, free of charge!
(*made at our Leicester workshops - please see our Guarantee and Returns
Policy at
Real Pewter!
The metal used in the manufacture of all Alchemy’s pewter products is the
highest grade “English Pewter”. Some manufacturers misleadingly use the term
‘pewter’ to describe alloys containing quantities of lead, cadmium and nickel
plating etc. This is NON COMPLIANT and results in inferior, more easily
made products which are heavier, softer and of a darker colour and are much
* Y
and forgeries are also made of zinc, which is cheap and will easily break.
Y * 1 )%Z9222"2XX{ 5
Traditionally, pewter was a mixture of lead and tin, but today, English Pewter
is a rich, high-grade alloy of 92% tin with copper, (plus a few legitimate trace
elements), and is regarded as a ‘semi-precious’ metal valued second only to
silver. For jewellery and accessories this is the safest tin-based alloy in use and
is fully lead, cadmium & nickel compliant to California Proposition 65 for total
lead & cadmium content, Commission Regulation (EU) 494/2011(REACH) for
lead & cadmium and European standard BSEN1811:2011 for nickel. English
Pewter is very much harder to craft than zinc alloys and the old and primitive
* *
ease production, however, please beware as these poor alloys are still used by
many manufacturers around the world today.
Brand Protection:
All products, designs and images are the exclusive copyright of Alchemy Carta,
England, and are registered designs and trademarks world-wide. Alchemy
Studios conceive, research, design and develop all their ideas and products
themselves, at considerable cost, to bring you fresh, new creations.Any attempt
at forgery, imitation or passing-off endangers Alchemy’s existence. Therefore,
infringements will result in investigation leading to prosecution. Any assistance
from our customers against piracy will be greatly appreciated. Please report
via our website.
Looking after your Alchemy
Pewter, like silver, may tarnish, but can easily be polished up to a brilliant
lustrous shine, using a brass or silver polishing wad and a wipe with a dry cloth.
DO NOT put pewter into a salt-loaded dishwasher, which could corrode a
polished surface. Alchemy Guarantee: Alchemy will gladly replace any product
proven to be defective.
Trade Memberships
Alchemy Carta Ltd. are proud to be members of the Giftware Association.

All products, space permitting, are marked with one or more of the following
! $ $"
Model is wearing :
E415 Night Queen earrings
P503 Queen Of The Night necklace
Model : Dragonfly
! U`^ x
At Alchemy we make all our jewellery
by hand. We are very proud and work
extremely hard to achieve our high
standards. However, we also have to
buy-in components from other suppliers
and while we do our very best to
maintain this quality, we cannot always
rely on their availability or consistency.
We therefore reserve the right to change
to discontinue pieces if necessary and
apologise for any such disappointment.
Brochure: This brochure and all of the products, artworks and Trade Marks featured within it are the exclusive copyright of Alchemy Carta Ltd., England All rights reserved.

P503 Queen of the Night NecklaceE415 Night Queen Earrings


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